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This is the official Wiki for SeanyKetchups and PhantomDrawerAnimates Object show Battle For The Coolness Of Sean! Here you can learn all about the characters the places the items the episodes and even the recommended characters!

Characters! Edit

1 Ketchup Bottle

2 Ketchup Drop

3 Ramen Noodle

4 Sushi Roll

5 Peace Hand

6 Led Pencil

7 Nerf Gun

8 Ketchups Hair

9 Mustards Hair

10 Frying Pan

11 Rubix Cube

12 Atari Controller

13 Tape Recorder

14 Bandaid

15 Sticky Note

16 Beanie

17 Boaty/Shipy

18 Otamatone

19 Sunflower Seed

20 Mud Drop

21 Sean

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